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Paul Tong CPA P.C. Group creates the strong foundation you need to successfully build your business and keep your business building

Navigate the volatility of the Construction Industry with our specialized expertise

Why you need the Specialized Construction CPAs at Paul Tong CPA, P. C. group:

Like the buildings you create, a strong business is built upon the best made foundation.

From navigating intricate tax regulations to optimizing financial strategies, having a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with specialized expertise in the construction industry makes a significant difference in your company’s successes and financial health. Working with Paul Tong CPA, P.C. group ensure you get all the best benefits of Specialized Construction CPAs and the proven experience to get things done.


Businesses need more than just numbers...

Industry Knowledge, Expertise, and Networking


Compliance with Regulations


Optimal Tax Planning


Contract Analysis and Risk Management


Client Advisory Services


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